55 Stanley Rd, Claremont, Cape Town, 7708, South Africa

Suckerpunch was commissioned to create a label design for a traditional South African Gin that would integrate Xhosa traditions and the historical influence of the Xhosa Balfour name.

The Balfour family, descendants of King Ngconde from the 1800s, are still recognized as Kings of the Xhosa tribe.

The design brief required the label to convey a sense of royalty and high quality, which was achieved through the use of gold foils and intricate detailing. The lion emblem was chosen to symbolize majesty, strength, and courage, while the label design incorporated traditional South African Xhosa patterns such as diamonds, quadrangles, chevrons, triangles, circles, and parallel lines. These geometric shapes were used to create a pattern that extended to the edges of the label. Additionally, botanical elements were subtly incorporated into the background to showcase the organic ingredients.