Athens, Greece

Exceptional wine often seems impossible. Cultivating first-class grapes and balanced blends is a painstaking process. Yet, with passion, dedication, & high technical expertise, it is possible since, as they say, “the power of love moves MOUNTAINS.” In Greece, a similar saying goes like this (roughly translated): “MOUNTAIN with MOUNTAIN can’t meet, yet everything else is doable.”

To launch this premium white blend wine, we borrowed a core part of the folk saying and used it for the label’s name: “MOUNTAIN with MOUNTAIN.”

Lidl, one of the most significant supermarket chains in Europe, needed to launch a premium white wine in the local market (Greece) following their strategy to upgrade their wine cellar image & scale their wine portfolio. The design brief required a final product that would stand out to attract consumers-wine lovers who don’t buy only following the best-price deals. At the same time, the look & feel should reflect an inclusive profile aligned with Lidl’s brand strategy—keywords: unique, mid-upper, local, and true to the product.

Like a mountain range, the custom-shaped label wraps around the bottle, providing stopping power. A name/title with storytelling attributes sets the base for the handmade illustrations to develop. Mountains & vineyards drawn with eye-catching strokes present the product’s roots & reflect its purity. Raw & detailed, natural & sophisticated: a balanced result similar to the delicate blend of the dry wine varieties.

Like a movie title or a book cover: the label sets a tone, creating an ambient vibe full of multi-dimensional connotations calling us to play and discover them. And isn’t it that exact same sense every sip of rare tasteful wine creates after all?

Client: Lidl Hellas
Launch date: 2022
Product: Varietal white dry wine from Greece (Malagouzia, Roditis, Muscat)