Soul Organic is a brand that is concerned with providing healthy and natural food to its consumers. The creation of its product line was carefully thought out, taking into account aspects such as clean communication and objective visual identity.

The typology chosen was also strategically selected, in order to balance the information and ensure that the content was easily understandable by consumers. The choice of earth tones for the brand’s color guide was inspired by nature and reinforces the idea that Soul Organic foods are produced organically.

The initial line of products comprises three types of snacks made with chestnuts and traditional granola. The raw material used in the production of food is 100% organic and handmade, which guarantees the quality and origin of the ingredients used.

The brand’s slogan, “Naturally Healthy”, summarizes its proposal to offer fast and healthy food to its consumers. The intention of the brand is to expand its operations and offer more and more healthy and natural food options to its consumers.

In addition, the brand values sustainability in all aspects of its production. From choosing ingredients to product packaging, Soul Organic seeks to minimize its environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable world.

About the Design of the project, we used an area for product demonstration, another area for the display of the name and logo of the brand and product, another area for the description of the product and its ingredients and benefits. In this way, we achieve a balance between all the elements and information necessary for each line item.