Tirol Zero Lactose


Challenge proposed to recreate the packaging of the lactose-free line, adding value to the product through cleaner visual communication capable of highlighting the TIROL brand on supermarket shelves.

We created a modern layout to expand the connection with the younger audience. We chose the typography to highlight the segment and applied a curved line just below the brand. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, we used this element to reference the steep valleys of the Tyrol region, in Austria, reinforcing the brand’s tradition.

By positioning the product on the shelf, this same line creates continuity, making the brand stand out from other competitors, expanding its space at the POS.

In a scenario where competition is very strong, it was extremely important to have a real idea of all the SKUs that involved the project, since the breadth of the line could be lost due to the multiplication of portfolio items.

Field research is essential for data collection, once collected, we begin the creative process for the packaging identity and exhaustively test its applications. With the identity defined, our team moves on to the appropriate developments and applications, alignment with the client’s development team for technical and legal adjustments, where the guidelines take shape and the concept evolves into its appropriate products and formats.

Another great project that has its evolution path well defined and very well adjusted for a long period of existence, before its next renewal.