Mogu Mogu Jelly


71 SP Arcade Building. Ramkhamhaeng Road, Huamark, Bang Kapi, Bangkok 10240

Mogu Mogu Jelly, fruit juice with coconut jelly bits in strawberry and lychee flavors. Giving new and enjoyable chewing experiences in pouch packaging.

Rich in vitamins A, C, and E which help strengthen the body’s immune system. So you can now enjoy the tasty jelly snack while getting your vitamins! The colors red and pink were used to represent each flavor on the packaging; Lychee and Strawberry.

Vibrant and cheerful colors were used along with a fun and playful mascot to maintain the brand’s “extraordinary fun” concept. Fun typography treatment is emphasized on the packaging while indicating vitamins contained in each flavor. Vitamin consumption has never been this fun and delicious!

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