Lavernia & Cienfuegos

Carrer de Félix Pizcueta, 23, 46004 València, Valencia, España


Client: Bodegas Trobat.

Project: Graphics for wine label.


“Thirty-something” is the stage of life between the ages of thirty and forty, during which the human being reaches maturity, self-confidence and confidence in one’s own tastes. A stage that invites calm and tranquillity and that, it seems, opens the doors to a taste for wine. It turns out that it is from the age of thirty that people begin to drink and appreciate wine. It is precisely from this vital moment in life that the name of this wine originates: Treintaytantos or “Thirty-something”.


The biggest challenge of this project was to find a way to represent this ambiguous concept that refers to a stage of life in such a way that it could be understood solely by looking at the label. How did we achieve this? Using the “_” sign. The underscore is an invitation to write what is missing, to complete a concept that is under construction. It is commonly found in forms to signal that it is up to us to fill in the blanks to complete what is missing.

As for the label design, we opted for a sober, elegant and simple design where the name and colour of the wine were the protagonists. For this reason, we decided to put only 3_ on the front label, on white paper and with the text die-cut, so that the colour and character would be provided by the wine. Finally, on the stopper, we decided to also put this number that represents the name of the wine to reinforce the concept.