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Carrer de Félix Pizcueta, 23, 46004 València, Valencia, España


@u1st_ is a makeup brand that offers products with unique properties and ingredients designed to enhance and care for your skin. Their products are tailored for active, self-confident individuals seeking practical and realistic solutions.


We have created a logo featuring a sans serif typography inspired by the advanced technology that underpins the brand’s products. The high-contrast black-on-white design effectively conveys the brand’s strong personality and sets it apart from the typical colorful imagery found in the industry. Additionally, we have paired this typography with a more classic serif font, evoking the world of beauty, to guide and organize the reading of our messages.

This design approach is integrated across the packaging, the visual communication, and various digital platforms: the website and social media channels.

As for the packaging design, the logo boldly extending beyond the box’s boundaries reflects the brand’s powerful and daring personality. Moreover, the design of the box sides is intended to enable mixing and matching, allowing you to decide what to display on the shelf, whether it’s the prominently sized logo or product information.

U/1ST. Logo, naming, brand identity, art direction, web and packaging.

Curator’s Insight

The black-on-white design is a bold move. In an industry often characterized by vivid and colorful imagery, this high-contrast choice stands out. The logo boldly extending beyond the box’s boundaries is breaking free from conventional limitations, a statement that aligns perfectly with its target audience of active and self-confident individuals.


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