Appartement 103 creates NEKTAR

Appartement 103, the branding and packaging design agency, partnered with Whiskies du Monde to embark on a tasty adventure: to create a new premium “rhums arrangés” brand for the French market.

In this rapidly growing category, where brand awareness is still low and visual uniformity is prevalent, the new line aims to offer a bold yet fresh perspective. By combining craftsmanship with contemporary visual elements, the brand presents a multitude of delicious expressions standing out on shelves.

The journey began with the brand name exploration, leading to the selection of “Nektar.” This name immediately evokes the essence and quality of the product, as it conveys the rums’ sweet, fruity, and qualitative nature. The playful addition of the letter “K” adds a touch of playfulness to the brand, helping it to be easily remembered.

Once the name was secured, Appartement 103 meticulously crafted an artistic visual identity and packaging design. The brand’s graphical expression showcases abstract and vibrant illustrations that emotionally resonate with each flavour profile. This poetical approach creates a sense of collection for consumers and has strong shelf impact. To further enhance its visibility, the brand wordmark stands out with hot foil printing on top of a coloured squared label. Adding a tactile and refined touch, a blind embossed pattern was carefully designed.

Overall, the collaboration between Appartement 103 and Whiskies du Monde aimed to position Nektar as a modern and vibrant challenger. The range provides exceptional flavour experiences and captivates consumers with its beautifully crafted packaging and meticulous attention to detail. A true delight for both the eyes and the palate!

We were delighted to collaborate with Appartement 103 on this new brand creation! The team was attentive to our desires and successfully met the challenge of modernizing the category of “rhums arrangés” (by giving it a new, more premium approach, inspired by the graphic universe of perfumery, among others).

Since its launch in September, we have received very positive feedback, which is already capturing the attention of wine merchants! – Says Whiskies du Monde’s Brand Manager, Carla Monti Coupé.