Brugal Colección Visionaria

Appartement 103 creates Brugal Colección Visionaria

Home of rum mastery for over 135 years, Brugal an award-winning premium rum producer from the Dominican Republic and part of the Edrington group, commissioned branding and packaging design agency Appartement 103 to develop their latest innovation range: Colección Visionaria.

Colección Visionaria, has been expertly crafted by Brugal family member and fifth-generation Maestra Ronera, Jassil Villanueva Quintana, using an innovative toasting technique unique to Brugal. For the first edition of this exclusive limited edition, Brugal’s master rum makers meticulously selected 100% Dominican cacao beans, infusing their unique nutty, velvety, and fruity aromas into virgin European oak casks through this unique toasting process. This distinctive method yields a rich, elegant, and additive-free sipping rum.

The project involved creating a unique visual identity for this limited edition series, including primary and secondary packaging. The design challenge was to build the identity of a new range of prestige SKUs, conveying a sense of innovation and differentiation from the core range while aligning with the brand codes.

The bottle boasts a matte gradient-coloured coating with a screened shiny varnish on top, subtly highlighting a ‘smoke-like’ pattern, reminiscent of the toasting process, while the top part reveals the radiant amber liquid.

The Brugal logo and Colección Visionaria text are gold screened with a metal piece for its iconic shield, enhancing the premium perception of the range with confidence. The label on the bottom part provides further information about each edition, with its key characteristics, the rum master’s signature as a stamp of quality, and the batch number to convey this product’s crafted and limited series aspect. Lastly, the bottle is wrapped in navy blue netting, an elevated version of Brugal’s iconic protective netting, carefully sealed by hand with blue wax, adding a touch of craftsmanship.

In short, Colección Visionaria is an exceptional sipping rum that combines tradition, innovation, and elegance in every bottle.

“Appartement 103 have been a fantastic partner throughout the process of creating the visual identity and packaging for this unique limited edition collection. Their expertise and creativity have been instrumental in delivering an elevated and differentiated prestige packaging for the entire collection aligned with the Brugal brand identity. ” – Virginie Cuvillier, Global Brugal Brand Manager, Prestige