Eggcellent Organic Eggs


Bucharest, Romania

Brand, Packaging and Web Design for Eggcellent Organic Eggs

The Eggcellent project was a great example of how a strong brand identity can make all the difference for a business. By understanding their target audience and their needs, we were able to create a unique and memorable brand that resonated with health-conscious consumers.

The first step in this project was to understand the client’s business, values, and goals. We conducted extensive research on their industry, competitors, and target audience to gain insights into what sets them apart and what their customers were looking for in a product like theirs.

After this, we developed a brand strategy that encapsulated the essence of Eggcellent, taking into account their unique selling proposition, values, and personality. This strategy included a brand story, messaging, and visual identity that would guide all future branding efforts.

The visual identity we created for Eggcellent was based on the brand’s core values of naturalness, authenticity, and sustainability. We chose green and yellow colors to evoke feelings of freshness, health, and nature, and used a simple, clean, and modern design style that reflected the brand’s commitment to traditional and natural methods.

This visual identity was then applied across all aspects of the brand, including packaging, web design, and social media. We designed packaging that was eye-catching and memorable, using the brand’s signature colors and a simple but effective layout to showcase the product.

We also developed a website that was easy to navigate, visually appealing, and focused on telling the brand’s story and values. Social media was another key component of our branding strategy, and we created a consistent and engaging presence for Eggcellent across all major social media platforms.

Overall, our work on the Eggcellent project helped the client establish a strong brand identity that resonated with their target audience and set them apart from their competitors. The brand has seen increased visibility and customer loyalty, and we continue to work with them to maintain and enhance their brand over time.