Lotus Vet – by Acclamé


Bucharest, Romania

Brand and Packaging Design for Lotus Vet – Pet Cosmetics Products – by Acclamé

Embarking on an encompassing creative journey, Acclamé has meticulously crafted an authentic brand identity and digital presence for Lotus Vet, a brand sibling to the well-regarded Lotus Cosmetics in Romania.

Committed to the welfare of pets, Lotus Vet stands out with its cruelty-free ethos and a foundational portfolio of essential products: shampoo, conditioner, and ointment.

At Acclamé, we embarked on developing a brand architecture and strategy that mirrored the specific needs of the pet care market while staying true to the ecological and ethical ethos of the parent brand. Our process involved crafting a distinctive logo that maintains a familial connection with Lotus Cosmetics yet stands as an independent, specialized entity. The packaging design is clean and recognizable, built to endure on shelves and clearly communicate the natural benefits and ingredients of the products.

The marketing materials are designed to educate consumers about the advantages of using Lotus Vet products and the brand’s commitment to animal well-being, and the social media strategy focused on creating engaging content and building a loyal community around the brand, emphasizing storytelling and visually appealing content.

Throughout the project, we emphasized creating a visual identity that aligns with the sustainability and ethical values of Lotus Cosmetics. Lotus Vet products are presented with a style that merges simplicity with elegance, signaling quality care for pets. The use of a soft, inviting lavender shade across all products ties them together, suggesting a gentle, therapeutic experience. This color, traditionally associated with calmness and serenity, directly communicates the soothing nature of the products.

The communication style of the Lotus Vet brand is warm and approachable, fostering an emotional connection with consumers dedicated to caring for their pets conscientiously and responsibly. Our messaging is crafted to inspire and motivate, emphasizing the significance of small yet meaningful actions in the daily lives of companion animals.

Ultimately, Lotus Vet is more than just a brand; it is an ally for all animal lovers who choose products in harmony with their values, thereby enhancing the health and well-being of their non-speaking friends. Our visual and verbal articulation of the Lotus Vet packaging has been designed to resonate with pet owners’ desire for quality and care, ensuring the outer presentation of products echoes their inner excellence, establishing Lotus Vet as a trusted companion in the journey of pet care.


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