Velvet Lips for Alldaynatural – by Acclamé


Bucharest, Romania

At Acclamé, we took the helm in conceptualizing and bringing to life the “Velvet Lips” for Alldaynatural, a range of products dedicated to natural lip care that brings to customers a luxury product, infused with the essence of nature. Inspired by the boldness of Ferrari red, we crafted a packaging that’s as bold and dynamic as it is elegant.

The Packaging: We chose matte laminated cardboard for the base, offering a tactile experience that speaks of understated luxury. The non-reflective finish stands in harmonious contrast to the lip imprint areas of spot UV varnishing, which captures light, highlighting the lips’ sumptuousness.

Visual and Tactile Elements: To accentuate the brand’s high-end appeal, we implemented a silver metallic foil stamping on the logo and key textual elements. This technique not only draws the eye with its shimmer but also reinforces the premium quality Alldaynatural stands for.

Color Dynamics: The color palette uses the intensity of a Ferrari red to command attention, while the black and white visuals serve to underline the product’s potency and capture attention online. This strategic choice ensures that the Velvet Lips range stands out on any shelf and captures the consumer’s gaze with its boldness, both online and offline.

Brand Message: “Nourish. Volume. Repair.”—these simple yet powerful words emblazoned on the packaging communicate the product’s benefits succinctly. They promise a transformative experience, turning everyday lip care into a ritual of indulgence. With the Velvet Lips range, Alldaynatural offers more than just a product; it offers a promise of natural, effective care wrapped in the cloak of luxury.

The result is a product presentation that tells a story of passion, purity, and care. The Velvet Lips range is not merely a selection of lip care items; it’s an invitation to embrace a lifestyle where beauty and well-being go hand in hand. This is the narrative we at Acclamé have woven into the design language of Alldaynatural’s latest range of products.


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