Nutrideer Premium Pet Supplements

Onfire Design

Pets are a beloved part of the household. As such, pet owners invariably commit a significant weekly spend on food and well-being. Brands operating in this market’s premium end offer products with the highest quality meats, vegetables, vitamins and minerals. As a small, owner-operated New Zealand business, Nutrideer launched a single product into this premium sector in the South Korean and Asian markets targeting the affluent, urban pet-owning consumer in 2021.

As a product, Nutrideer is unique. Harnessing the bioactive power of New Zealand’s Red Deer milk and other byproducts, which are sustainably sourced on their deer farm in New Zealand’s South Island, and combining a range of outer ethical superfood ingredients, it is designed to be a nutrient-rich sprinkle addition to regular food. We were tasked with refreshing the packaging range to reflect better the ultra-premium, ethical and quality ingredient propositions the target consumer is looking for. The range grew from a single product to five, targeting various needs. The new design language is centred around the celebration of the deer. Research showed a rich history of the deer being used in traditional Chinese medicine; its byproducts are so renowned that it is shown as a shimmery white or silver mythical animal. This historical aspect was recreated with a silver hot foiled stag and hind deer illustration, which takes pride of place on the front face of new tactile tubs. A rich and bright colour palette inspired by the deer and South Island landscape segment the range, while typography is restrained – highlighting the specific need with each product variant.

The result is a refreshed visual toolkit, tone-of-voice and packaging that celebrates the core New Zealand Red Deer products that are fit for the super-premium pet supplement market.