The Brief:

The SerKerFeel brand is a new organic fruit production company based in Yeghvard, Armenia. The brand’s goal is to produce and deliver top-quality quince fruits, grown with love and care, to people who value organic and healthy products. SerKerFeel aims to stand out in the market and become a symbol of quality, freshness, and sustainability.

Creative Concept:

Our creative concept of branding is built around the idea of the brand’s sustainability and the use of organic farming techniques to produce top-quality fruits. To emphasize the fruit and its benefits, the branding included details that would highlight the unique flavor of quince, the love and care put into every step of cultivation, and the brand’s commitment to environmental protection.


The name “SerKerFeel” is a true mantra of a healthy and harmonious life inspired by the founder’s vision of creating a brand that embraces nature’s fusion of emotions that can be felt and lived. Three words comprising the name “Ser, Ker, Feel” meaning “Eat, Love, and Feel” are a true mantra, customers are sure to remember and recall. The brand name evokes emotions and sensations that come with enjoying nature and organic products.

Logo Design:

Our logo design features a simple and modern look in a bright color, with the brand’s name in bold letters. The symbol of the brand is a quince with a joyful face, recalling the emotions one feels when tasting the fruit.

The Result:

The branding managed to deliver the brand’s unique story through a compelling story, a creative and catchy name, and a simple yet show-stopping logo, bringing all details into harmony. As a result, the SerKerFeel brand successfully launched its organic quince fruit to the market, receiving positive feedback from customers who appreciate healthy and sustainable products.


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