The Brief:

Feastachio is a new organic snack brand that specializes in high-quality in-shell pistachios. The final goal was to create a product that would stand out on the market, attract consumers who value organic and healthy snacks, and communicate the brand’s core values of freshness, nutrition, and sustainability. For the winning market entry, the brand needed a memorable and catchy name and logo that would resonate with consumers and help build brand recognition.

The Creative Concept:

The focal point of the concept was to highlight the sensory experience of cracking open pistachios and hearing the satisfying sound that comes with it. Pistachios are often associated with special events and gatherings, and the branding was crafted to convey the feeling of celebration and joy.


The naming was to prove the idea of linking pistachios to parties and fun moments. The perfect naming came with the cracking of another pistachio. Feastachio, a combination of “feast” and “pistachio” name the brand’s core values of celebration, as well as the idea of indulging in a delicious and nutritious snack.

Logo Design:

The branding also included the development of a logo for Feastachio that would capture the brand’s essence and values at the same time staying simple and minimalistic. The logo features the name in a minimalistic font that deeply contrasts with its eye-catching packaging.

And a few words about the packaging. The unique and ergonomic packaging is designed in the style of a cracked pistachio. Once you open the box, it is divided into two parts to keep the cracked shells. This user friendly design perfectly matched the concept of a party lover who wants to party without worrying about pistachio waste.

The Result:

The result of the project was unique branding with catchy naming, perfectly conveying the brand’s concept. At the same time, branding and storytelling managed to highlight Feastachio’s nutritional values and its highest quality. The brand’s focus on organic and healthy ingredients, as well as its commitment to sustainability, have also resonated with consumers who value transparency and authenticity in their food choices. With professional branding, Feastachio’s in-shell pistachios will definitely be a hit with consumers from the moment they appear on the shelves.


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