The Brief 

Beevolve is a beekeeping company that was established by a young beekeeper Vigen, who inherited his grandfather’s love for bees and passion for beekeeping. The company has a rich history and extensive experience in beekeeping. The goal of branding was to amplify the philosophy and mission of Beevolve, namely, educating skilled beekeepers and reviving the finest traditions of beekeeping.

The Creative Concept 

Beevolve’s philosophy and values are based on continuous development and growth. The creative concept was built around its ideology of reviving beekeeping traditions in Armenia and creating a strong community. That’s why the brand needed powerful branding that would speak on behalf of Beevolve.


The name “Beevolve” is a combination of the words “bee” and “evolve.” It symbolizes the company’s commitment to the continuous development, growth, and improvement of Armenia’s beekeeping community. The name also reflects the company’s focus on promoting the evolution of beekeeping practices and passing on knowledge to future generations. At the same time, the name has a deep subtext of evolution and transformation into organic beekeeping thriving in the heart of the largest Linden forest.

Logo Design 

Beevolve’s logo features a honeycomb and a drop of honey, with the name in a clean design. The logo represents the company’s commitment to organic beekeeping and the importance of pollination in beekeeping. The labeling deeply contrasts with the monochrome logo. Each packaging design represents one of the three thought-out scenes. The first scene depicts Vigen with his grandfather, their love for beekeeping, and the heritage that has been passed on to Vigen. The second scene shows Vigen all grown up as a skilled beekeeper. The third final scene showcases Vigen’s contribution to community development and shares his knowledge with fellow beekeepers. The bright colors of the illustrations immediately grab attention and make customers want to touch the honey jar.

The Result 

Beevolve has established a thriving beekeeping culture that has led to the production of organic, medicinal, high-quality, and delicious honey. The company is expanding and transitioning to organic beekeeping, and it focuses on educating and training beginners through courses and workshops. Keeping in mind Beevolve’s goal of advancing beekeeping in Armenia, the branding campaign was built around the idea of raising the brand to new heights and gaining a competitive advantage through its focal points: strong naming, exciting storytelling, and unique design.

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