Volume Wines Label Design Inspired by Musical Beats

Volume Wines Label Design Inspired by Musical Beats.

Grave – Adagio – Vivace – Allegro are the new wines of Volume, a wine and cocktail bar in the province of Salerno, southern Italy, which has decided to create its own line of wines based on local and local products, but having a look at the world outside.

The primary objective was to visually translate time, that of music and BPM (Beats per minute), combining the characteristics of the wine to the visual impact on the label, creating movement, trying to make the wine inside the bottles sound, trying to make the mood and the sound of the wine feel even before tasting it.

Starting from Grave, a red wine made from Aglianico grapes, for meditation we find low BPM, passing through the Adagio and Vivace whites, respectively with Fiano and Falanghina grapes, until reaching higher beats per minute with Allegro, a strong and decisive rosé.

The geometric shapes were extrapolated and then redesigned following a scheme given by the frequency of the sinusoidal sound of four tracks of classical music, starting from Saint-Saëns, through Barber and Tchaikovsky to get to Offenbach. The squares and spaces shrink and dilate following the rhythm of the audio track, as well as our body reacts to every sip of good wine.

As well as the use of colors, deliberately acid and contrasting with each other, were chosen to attract attention and partly disturb the consumer, making him find a new bottle, unsuitable, where on the front there is no information except that of geometric figures and colors.

A pop label of classical derivation at full volume.