De Memoria – First Memory Collection



Launched for the spring – summer time of 2021, De Memoria mainly uses classic floral notes, light and fresh. Includes 6 scents inspired by 6 famous French towns. It is a common perception that scents are only recognized by the olfactory system, De Memoria provides a continuum of experience by the belief that scents can be perceived through different senses. The visual is inspired by the flowers that bloom from the main note. Blurry like recreating unclear memories.

To enter the land of memories, you must open the door of time. All De Memoria product packaging has a hole like a door, inside there will be a card. You can use this card to try on perfumes or collectibles. Each SKU will be individually designed.

Curator’s Insight:

The packaging of De Memoria is clever and creative. Each box has a hole in the front, like a door to the past. Inside the hole, there is a card with a picture of the flower that represents the perfume. You can use this card to test the scent or keep it as a souvenir. The pictures are blurry, like faded memories that you can only glimpse through a keyhole.

I think this is a brilliant concept that adds a layer of emotion and storytelling to the perfumes. It makes me feel like I’m traveling to France and reliving some of the most beautiful moments of my life. The scents are also very well-crafted and balanced, with a good longevity and projection.