International brand design agency JDO has redesigned the Friskis, a beloved ice lolly brand from Henning Olsen, Norway’s oldest ice cream producer. The new identity embraces “Summer Spontaneity” with vibrant, tantalising packaging that distinctively stands out in the freezer.

Friskis holds a special place in the hearts of Nordic consumers, evoking feelings of playful summertime moments and thirst-quenching experiences. JDO’s task was to create a bold and vibrant Friskis world that would not only captivate with its visual appeal but also preserve the brand’s essence.

Inspired by timeless summertime moments, JDO skillfully reimagined the iconic Friskis brand, appealing to families and adults seeking simple, joyful refreshment. Elements like a beach ball symbolise playful fun, while fruit with splashes convey the flavour and freshness of Friskis.

In addition, JDO crafted a design for the new candy-inspired flavour, Friskis Peach, transforming a popular candy into an irresistible ice lolly treat. The packaging reflects the vibrant reinvention of the Friskis brand, incorporating elements that showcase this new and unique offering.

“JDO’s work has transformed Friskis’s equities into a powerful golden thread that evokes a sense of summertime nostalgia while infusing fresh energy and spontaneity,” comments Ray Smith, Creative Director at JDO. “The redesign honours the brand’s beloved heritage while inspiring joy and excitement.”

With a solution that balances simplicity and joy, the new Friskis identity proudly celebrates its place in Norway’s culture. It is poised to create a stronger impact in the freezer while continuing to inspire summertime happiness for every Friskis consumer.


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