Corvin Art School

Budapest, Hungary

Why should we hide a package of condoms at the checkout? Why should we feel like it is something to be ashamed of? The imaginary Hungarian brand of nothing to hide promotes pride and the importance of safe sex: unlike other contraceptive methods, condoms are not just preventing unwanted pregnancy but also helping avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

When creating the packaging design the advantages and disadvantages of existing condom packaging were analysed. The aim of this packaging was to create something that people would actually take with them in their everydays. Most people are getting rid of the outer package of condoms, and only take some condoms with them when needed – it is just too big to put in a pocket or smaller bag. Other than that plenty of these condoms are packed together in duos, or even in long lines which is not matching well with the fact that most of the time people need one piece per intercourse. The idea was to create a purse-type packaging that fits well into a pocket and accommodates four condoms. This allows easy usage and also supports people to keep the paper packaging part – which is also an extra protection for the condoms.

It was clear that for the brand’s message vibrant colors will be used – dark blue, silver, and shiny neon orange were chosen. To create the purse-type packaging a sewing method was created. The inner pockets of the packaging show couples in their everydays dressed up, and before sex. Inclusivity was important in the design, so same-sex couples and different skin colors were also introduced. Condoms can not be package-free, safety and hygiene regulations are very relevant regarding this product. This packaging is avoiding the use of plastic as much as possible and it uses durable paper that lasts long.

The inner packaging of the condoms is using the colors of the brand – which can be found on the pockets as well. The little messages on the condoms were also showing short sarcastic sentences, making people smile and wonder. The aim was to liberate people when talking about their sexuality.

The whole idea of this style was to create something cool and brave. Sex is an intimate thing, and too harsh or offensive messages and illustrations were avoided on purpose, but letting people bravely buy condom packaging and start a discussion was a goal. Furthermore, nothing to hide is way more functional than the currently available packagings in the market.

Curator’s Insight: The packaging design of nothing to hide is clever, colorful and inclusive, and it reflects the brand’s message of being confident and responsible about one’s sexuality.

The first thing that caught my eye was the purse-type packaging that holds four condoms. This is a smart solution that addresses some of the common problems with conventional condom packaging, such as being too bulky, wasteful or inconvenient. The purse-type packaging is easy to carry around, open and close, and it also protects the condoms from damage.


Corvin Art School

Budapest, Hungary
Designer: Lonci Tóbiás
Tutor: Judit Tóth
Photographer: Imre Balázs Szentesi
Corvin Art School