Nike has announced partnerships with Desimpedidos and Camisa 21, two channels that together have 10 million subscribers on YouTube alone, establishing themselves as the most important football channels on the platform. And to celebrate this partnership, Elefante has been invited to create a Welcome Kit to be given to the members of the two channels.

The kit will include a copy of Nike founder Philip Knight’s autobiography “Shoe Dog” as well as a pair of Air Jordans!!! With football in mind, we have designed and produced 12 exclusive “dressing room” steel cabinets, involving 4 different suppliers to make the project possible. We thought of every detail, even including stickers and a welcome note inside.

Curator’s Insight: I’m impressed by the design and production of the exclusive “dressing room” steel cabinets that house the kit. They look so sleek and professional, like something you would find in a real locker room of a football team. They also add a touch of personalization and surprise, with stickers and a welcome note inside. They make the kit feel more special and unique, like a trophy or a reward for being part of this amazing partnership.