BRAND – Vari, Nepal     INDUSTRY – FMCG     SCOPE – Logo and Packaging Design

Three years back, I got the opportunity to design the logo and packaging design for a Nepalese Ayurvedic brand called “Vari”.Vari is a Sanskrit origin word that means “Suraksha Kavach”. The brand had introduced a Kadha Masala, an ayurvedic remedy made from a unique blend of medicinal herbs and spices, to combat coronavirus and strengthen our immune system.

DESIGN CONCEPT – I tried giving the brand an authentic Ayurvedic feel by using a warm, earthy color palette with gold to represent that the product is organic and made from age-old recipes. A sketched pattern of herbs and spices added in the background highlights the key ingredients.

The logo connects with Ayurveda in two meaningful ways:

  1. The leaves form the silhouette of a relaxed and calm individual, embodying the balanced state of mind that Ayurveda seeks to achieve.
  2. It delves deeper into Ayurveda’s philosophy and represents the interconnection and vital balance between the five elements that compose a human body. Each leaf represents a specific principle, namely  :

Ether (Akash) – Throat Chakra (ears)    Air (Vayu) – Heart Chakra (skin)    Fire (Agni) – Navel Chakra (eyes)    Water (Jal/Apas) – Sacral Chakra (tongue)

Earth (Prithvi) – Root Chakra (nose)