Kiki Ventures – Tofu Packaging

Shreya Surana

BRAND – Kiki Ventures
SCOPE – Packaging Design

Kiki Ventures offers a range of nourishing and vegan beverages, tofu, and snacks. I am thrilled to share my latest project, which involves crafting an exceptional packaging design for Kiki’s plant-based tofu. The focus was to capture the essence of Kiki’s unwavering commitment to deliver tofu that is “Always fresh and healthy to eat!”

Use of green color palette not only imparts a refreshing sensation but also serves as a psychological connection for the consumers, signifying that the product is indeed “100% Plant-based”.

Taking inspiration from the culinary world, I have incorporated a visually captivating presentation, a half-cut cooked tofu aiming to seize the attention of onlookers. This design choice not only stimulates curiosity but also conveys the message that “anyone can effortlessly prepare and savor the delectable and nourishing experience that Kiki’s tofu provides”.

Get ready to experience a perfect blend of taste, nutrition, and convenience with Kiki’s tofu, all wrapped in a packaging that entices and delights!


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