Tea and art unite taste. I have taken ten artists to illustrate this concept. It all started with Malevich’s Black Square. I surprised myself when I saw leaf veins in the Black Square crackles. I tried to capture the essence of each artist’s style and combine it with tea. ARTea — the taste of creativitea!

Curator’s Insight

Imagine opening a box of ARTea and being greeted by a visual feast. Each package is a canvas, showcasing the artist’s unique expression. From vibrant brushstrokes to intricate details, the artwork reflects the artist’s soul, just as the tea inside reflects its own flavor journey. It’s like having your own personal art collection that you can savor with every cup. For me, ARTea represents the perfect fusion of two beautiful worlds. It’s a celebration of art’s ability to transcend boundaries and make its way into our everyday lives. And what better way to appreciate art than by enjoying a cup of tea? It’s a moment of calm, a time to reflect, and a chance to indulge in the flavors that dance on your tongue.


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