FLOV Branding studio.

Tęczowa 83, 53-601 Wrocław, Polska


Cold Brew Coffee is a fresh take on serving coffee, which we’ve decided to share with more people. In addition to running a branding studio, we also operate a specialty coffee roastery. We believed it would be excellent to introduce this novel brewing method to a broader audience.


Taking inspiration from the ancient Japanese tradition of cold coffee maceration, originally from the city of Kyoto, we have molded our brand identity and packaging aesthetics.

Our packaging upholds a minimalist design philosophy, preserving a strong link to the native origins of the coffee that Kyoto uses in the maceration process. The typography inspired by global coffee bean shipping labels has been used to infuse richness and depth.

The design displays a dual character, defined by its straightforward aesthetics and vibrant colors that effortlessly draw the observer’s attention.

To make our brand stand out and lend it a unique, singular appearance, we have adopted a distinctive bottle shape. This strategy has amplified Kyoto’s originality and exceptional appeal, setting us apart in the market.

Curator’s Insight

You won’t believe where FLOV Branding Studio found inspiration for their design – all the way from ancient Japan! They took a brewing method called cold coffee maceration, originally from Kyoto, and gave it a modern twist. It’s like they’re blending history and innovation in one delicious package.

Now, FLOV Branding Studio’s packaging design is like a piece of art. They believe in keeping things simple yet meaningful, so they’ve embraced a minimalist design philosophy. But don’t be fooled by the simplicity – they’ve cleverly incorporated elements inspired by coffee bean shipping labels from around the world. It’s like a little nod to the global coffee community, adding depth and character to the packaging.


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