MANIFEST – an Innovation by Intertype Studio

MANIFEST – an Innovation by Intertype Studio.

Creating Florida ‘good times’ cocktails…

In the 1960’s America Florida was THE good times vacation destination. A time when ‘commercial art’, not advertising promoted the hotels and bars where famous cocktails were created. Where the local wildlife served drinks in top hats and tails. This range of premix cocktails is Florida-grown, Florida distilled and Florida chilled for Florida good ol’ times.

We were briefed to create a range of canned cocktails for Manifest Craft Distillery. First, we created this story based on local insight. Then we created the designs to bring this vision of kitsch fun to life.

Each can feature a creature that is native to the area (The ‘Gator, the Sailfish and the Pelican), who serve you a delicious cocktail in their finest attire. This anthropomorphic approach and illustration style is typical of the commercial art style of the 60’s in this part of the world and was printed on the posters and flyers for the most fun beachfront parties.

The colour ways are inspired by the vibrant yet pastel paint scheme of the Florida beach from hotels of the 60’s, and the typography is reminiscent of the same naïve mid-century style. These are serious drinks that don’t take themselves too seriously.

As well as creating the cans themselves we created the outer boxes, which continue the vibrant, kitsch theme. Additional illustration details to broaden the scene inhabited by the characters, bringing more of the sunny beachside vibe to the brand.

Our local insight and playful aesthetics caused these cans to sell out of the local stores and the distillery itself in the first weekend of their launch.

Curator’s Insight: I think Intertype Studio did a fantastic job creating a unique and appealing packaging design for Manifest Craft Distillery. They managed to capture the essence of Florida in a fun, nostalgic and creative way, while also showcasing the quality and flavor of the drinks. I especially like how each animal is dressed according to the type of cocktail they are serving.