Buckhorn Brew – the pride of Texas

For this brand creation, we took inspiration from the Buckhorn Saloon in San Antonio – the oldest running saloon in Texas, rich in history &culture.

A place previously frequented by cowboys, cowgirls, bandits & presidents alike. In the late 1800’s, horns and antlers were accepted as payment for beer there, and the ‘hall of horns’ came into existence.

To this day, the walls are covered with deer-horn mounts that were traded for drinks by the Vaqueros.

We created a brand named after this legendary saloon and designed a range of cans inspired by the walls of ‘The Halls of Horns’.

The hand-drawn logotype is inspired by the typographic craftsmanship of the late 1800’s, while the filagree illustration is based on the hand tooled leather saddles and boots of the cowboys & echoes the bar’s elaborate wall decorations.

The vibrant colours bring a contemporary edge and communicate the distinctive craft brew flavours of the range. The gold touches take advantage of the simple aluminium substrate & bring a luxury feel. When the cans tile together on-shelf they recreate the walls of the Saloon in a celebration of this local legend.

As well as designing the can, we created the outer cases, as well as a section of tap handles.

The full range includes other unusual brews, such as strawberry lager and prickly pear.

The authentic storytelling built into this brand creation will make the design symbolism into a shorthand for the finest quality lager in Texas.