Grey Goose Martini

Intertype Studio

Introducing Grey Goose Martini, the first ever ready-to-serve Grey Goose Classic Martini Cocktail.

Following the new Grey Goose brand world and identity, this is the newest innovation launch to fit into the family. It is consistent with the brand world with reworked logotype that brings flowing elegance, sophistication, and consistency. The three geese icon conveys a sense of togetherness and conviviality, and the mountains play a key role.

Our task was to bring to life the packaging design for the expertly mixed offering which is crafted with three premium ingredients – Grey Goose Vodka, dry French vermouth and a dash of orange bitters. One of the key design details is the way the flowing metallic shape that refracts from the back of the bottle through the martini glass ‘window’ on the front.  Whilst at first suggesting the flowing liquid of this iconic serve, on closer inspection this shape reveals itself as the mountain-scape, which is a key element of the brand and a signifier of the liquid’s origins in French nature. The lemon garnish that sits atop the martini glass shaped window is styled to echo the wings of the geese in flight whilst providing taste cues and a sophisticated serving suggestion.

Each 750ml bottle contains 8-10 servings, is ready after shaking or stirring over ice and can be garnished with an olive or lemon twist. This is brought to life through design detailing on the foot label, which uses a luxurious paper substrate with silver foil, debossed to depict and cocktail shaker and stirring glass combined into one neat graphic. This is an important detail for consumers who find the cocktail too mysterious or difficult to ‘perfect’ themselves.

This is the only bottled martini cocktail of its kind on the market from a major vodka brand, so this new innovation has the opportunity to transform the way people drink martini cocktails at home. Here in the studio our guests are surprised by the way that we’re now able to create a bartender quality cocktail in seconds!

Grey Goose Martini is available to buy across the US.