Marie Antoinette – Avant Guillotine – Vin Rouge


1 Main St. Qalaa, BLdg. 257 - Mount Lebanon - Lebanon

Marie Antoinette – Avant Guillotine – Vin Rouge 1998

Theme from the movie “The French Revolution” and the attack on “The Bastille” castle in Paris and the capture & execution of the queen of France, Marie Antoinette followed after her execution.

This is a gift package that is more like a cabinet with 4 sliding drawers. The top left drawer contains two wine glasses, and the right top drawer has a wine utility set which is a cork screw, T-Shape thermometer, Stopper, Nozzle (with a stopper), and a Neck Ring (to avoid dripping).

A shop display structure in the shape of a Guillotine is designed as well, it can be considered either historical or for fun purposes.