Cacaitos Cacao Powder

The design of this project is for Cacaitos food company, which includes logo design, business card design, visual identity, and label and product packaging.

In this design, orange is considered the main color. In addition to cocoa, Cacaitos company also focuses on coffee, but due to the brand name and the customer’s request, the cocoa fruit has been used in the logo. In the logo, it shows a plaster arch with the name of the brand and the year of establishment of the company written on this arch, and at the bottom of the arch, there is cocoa fruit with cocoa leaves, and the shining sun that shines its light rays towards the viewer. The reason for this storytelling in the logo is to bring the luxury style and a sense of vitality and euphoria to the audience.

The product pattern shows the cocoa fruit along with leaves and branches. In this pattern, 5 color levels are used, and the colors used in the product pattern are flat colors, and these 5 colors include warm and cold colors, which work well, they are placed together and in balance. Warm colors include orange, cream, and brown, and cold colors include dark green and light green.
Also, cocoa, which is the main symbol of the logo and product name and process, is shown in orange to make it more prominent and easier to see among the colors.

Cacaitos products are sold in the three continents of North America, Europe and Asia in the world, and this powder is produced from the highest quality South American cocoa, and this means that a first-class product reaches the customer, so such a product must have a special design and It should be first class in order to be able to successfully compete with famous brands in the market.


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