This bottle generally has to have a story, providing a topic to talk about. Though Baijiu has trillions of markets, tasteful drinkers are difficult to find their exclusive one. I suddenly realize that in the next few decades, our group of people will be the main consumer of Baijiu. We urgently need a bottle of tasteful Baijiu, accompanied by ourselves and our friends.

That’s why I designed Wan Lvjin (Light of Friendship)!

Curator’s Insight

Black and gold? It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about elegance and timelessness. Now, the real star of the show is “GuanYu” – a true legend in Chinese history. His loyalty to friends makes him an embodiment of friendship itself. What’s more, the ancient compass in the background adds a layer of cultural depth. It’s like a subtle nod to heritage, a reminder of the stories woven into the fabric of time.