At the beginning of the design, we were committed to creating a high-end and luxurious brand image in the cosmetics category. From the perspective of female skincare, taking the passage and reversal of time as the philosophy of beauty, and using the “hourglass of time” as the carrier, the philosophy of reversing the beauty of women is presented.

This is a female face cream product. The birth of containers involves two logical considerations: containment and presentation. The contour of the hourglass is separated by the middle, the upper part is used to accommodate the object, and the protrusions on both sides of the glass serve as force points for fingers. It is opened by rotating the golden bottle cap, and the embossed brand English is beneficial for increasing friction. The lower part of the hourglass is the display object, which is fixed by the action of gravity through a small hole in the middle. The overall shape of the hourglass is formed. The small graphics on the outer box simply and clearly show how the hourglass is combined.

Visualize the art of time and brand the interpretation of beauty. Inspired by the hourglass, a piece of art combines dexterity and aesthetic artistry, creating a high-end and luxurious brand image in the cosmetics category from the inside out.


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