Bihil Damai Tea always adheres to the brand concept of “traditional barley, natural flavor”. Originating from the Japanese six barley formula, each drop contains a fusion of tradition and quality, paying tribute to natural flavors. In the sugar free tea market, summer health has become the core selling point, with the health concept of 0 sugar, 0 calories, and 0 caffeine, allowing young people to drink without burden.

The bottle body adopts a square shape, and as a somewhat expensive tea beverage product, the difference in bottle shape is important, which can quickly establish its unique image and serve as a shelf partition. The square shaped bottle design and labeling method, as well as the tea box design, have some inheritance. The similarity in appearance can awaken some people’s association with tea. In terms of packaging design, we strive to perfectly present the charm and quality of barley tea. The cover is designed with flat illustrations of barley as the core, with simple and bright lines outlining the full form of barley, highlighting the raw material characteristics of the product and facilitating the dissemination of brand image.

In the design section, we have selected a high-definition image of a chilled barley glass taken. In the cold glass, barley tea presents a tempting amber color, and cool ice gently floats in the tea soup, as if emitting a faint aroma. This pattern not only showcases the true texture of the product, but also lays a fascinating foreshadowing for the upcoming summer promotion. Bihe barley tea beverage, interpreting traditional flavors with care, and winning your trust with quality. On this scorching summer day, let’s drink barley tea together and feel the freshness and comfort.