Support Family: Pet Food Made with Love

Support Family is a highly trusted pet food brand known for its commitment to “love others without additives, and rest assured in raising cats.” We believe in providing healthy and delicious full-price cat and dog food for every furry friend.

Our packaging design reflects this core concept and product characteristics through a clear visual language.

A Clean and Trustworthy Design:

The packaging design uses white as its base, creating a clean, comfortable, and approachable brand impression. White symbolizes purity and flawlessness, implying our products are additive-free and pollution-free, allowing pets to eat with peace of mind and owners to buy with confidence.

Building Brand Trust:

The brand logo utilizes a blue tone, giving a visual feeling of stability and trust. Blue represents professionalism and reliability, enhancing consumers’ trust in the Yangjia brand. The design of the logo is simple and elegant, easy to recognize, and helps to enhance brand awareness and reputation.

Celebrating Your Pets:

In terms of illustration design, we have adopted a minimalist line style with the theme of cats and dogs, showcasing their cuteness and agility. The lines in the illustrations are smooth and concise, which not only conforms to modern aesthetic trends but also highlights the simple and additive-free characteristics of our product formula.

This design approach not only creates differentiated designs from competitors but also sets the Yangjia brand apart in the pet food market.

Choosing Yangjia – Choosing Peace of Mind:

Overall, the packaging design of Support Family full-price and full-term cat and dog food not only reflects the brand’s core philosophy and product characteristics but also meets the aesthetic needs of consumers. We hope that through this design, every consumer can feel the dedication and professionalism of the Yangjia brand. Choosing Yangjia is choosing a place of peace of mind and trust.