Portuguese flavor always adheres to the brand concept of “inheriting classic Portuguese egg tarts”, and is committed to providing diners with classic and delicious innovative flavor egg tarts. Our packaging design aims to extract the essence of the brand through visual language, perfectly combining tradition with modernity.

The overall design is simple yet elegant, showcasing the Portuguese flavor brand’s pursuit of quality and deliciousness. A beautiful photo of the actual egg tart is placed on the right side of the packaging, which is conducive to arousing consumer appetite and increasing purchasing desire. The text design on the left side of the packaging emphasizes the clear hierarchy of information, making it clear to consumers at a glance. We have highlighted the brand name, product name, taste, and main features, allowing consumers to access key information for the first time.

Overall, the packaging design of Portuguese egg tarts not only reflects the brand’s core philosophy and product characteristics but also meets the aesthetic needs of consumers. We hope that through this design, every consumer can feel the dedication and professionalism of the Portuguese flavor brand. Choosing Portuguese flavor is choosing a classic and good taste.