This is the second brand packaging created for Pu’er tea under the Blue Sky Tea Company, and its design continues the previous design assets. The ancient tree tea produced on the Temo Ancient Road in Yunnan, China, is situated in the high-altitude mountains, surrounded by clouds and mist all year round, with picturesque scenery. The ancient tree tea harvested by this brand, some of which have a hundred year old vine, requires a ladder to complete the harvesting. Therefore, we have created a dreamy scene of local landforms and cultural tea picking for our product, interspersed with local animals such as peacocks and elephants, showcasing the harmonious coexistence between humans and nature. This is also the spirit of Chinese tea culture: tea should be natural and organic, life should be calm and tranquil, and humble.

The design of the brand series is based on the visual language of “green characters”: Pu’er tea trees are evergreen, and “green” represents the diversity of nature, as well as the wholehearted pursuit of nature by tea pickers. Thus summarizing the brand concept of natural and organic, as well as the oriental charm of being extraordinary and pursuing a return to simplicity. The black and white iron box and outer box imply the philosophy of Tai Chi black and white balance, a tea culture of one tea, one world, one pot, one life.

The overall design should be as simple and elegant as possible, highlighting the oriental charm of the tea itself. The straps and metal labels on the outer box showcase the cultural etiquette of China’s state of etiquette, with a complete illustration printed in light on the top. A cup of fragrant tea, a delicate fragrance, let the recipient appreciate the painting and taste the tea. Thus, it comprehensively expresses the ancient tree tea of the Temo Ancient Road in Yunnan, China, which has a calm and tranquil, clear and composed demeanor, always maintaining a state of being independent from the world.