Before creating the island gift box design, we learned that its brand philosophy is that in the vast and boundless universe, everyone is an island with a unique soul and aroma. Island aromatherapy, with “isolated islands” as its soul, emits a unique fragrance, waiting to meet your soul. Therefore, in the face of the new generation of highly educated/high-income/high consumer groups, brands are comprehensively upgrading and moving towards more cost-effective home and daily necessities. Position this cross era product as an “innovator in fragrance life”.

Visually, we extract visual symbols from the “island” species to give the product a “casual and relaxed” psychological feeling. The two layer waist seal of the packaging gives the originally quaint outer box a sense of dismantling ceremony. The aromatherapy candle holder design, like an hourglass, can be lit at both ends, aiming to remind consumers to flip the product, which represents the passage of time and awakens your deep memories and emotions with fragrance. Whether it is the fresh sea breeze, rich floral fragrance, or deep woody fragrance inside the box, they all represent the unique charm of different islands.

The moment you ignite the aromatherapy of the islands, it feels like being on a mysterious island, feeling the tranquility and warmth it brings to you.