Magnesium Bath Soak For Athletes

Yavor Lazarov

Sofia, Bulgaria

Packaging and branding for an athletic magnesium bath soak. The product is aimed at professional athletes and hardcore fitness fanatics, looking to get muscle relief after heavy workouts. Their flagship product not only aids in the recovery after heavy training but also creates an amazing SPA experience at home.

The plastic pouches make an impact with bold & clean typography, an emblem logo and bold iconography. Tailored around the target audience, the packaging was designed to look bold and masculine. The main benefits and selling points are called out on the front via a set of icons and emblems.

The product line consists of four blends that are differentiated through color coding – Energizing Citrus, Eucalyptus & Tea Tree, Calming Lavender and Cooling Peppermint. The product is all-natural, harnessing the power of nature with minerals and essential oils that are absorbed through the skin when you take a cooling bath after a workout.