Animate – Specialty Tea

Yavor Lazarov

Sofia, Bulgaria

Animate is a specialty Mate tea brand. Their teas are aimed at active, health-savvy people, passionate about sports, outdoor activities and nature. The main selling point is that Mate, unlike coffee, gives you a calm and balanced energy boost – it is still a caffeinated drink but does not give you jitters. The perfect drink to fight the afternoon sleepiness and give you the focus and energy for doing sports or deep work.

The theme of the packaging is nature and active lifestyle. The iconic Animate mug illustration is at the forefront of the Animate brand. It’s on every tea box and tea bag. It embodies the serene effects of nature – the same serenity you can expect from every mug of Animate. The font choice was a classic serif for both product name and content – the elegant fonts interact with the rich and luxurious colours to create a bespoke look.