HIVE BEE – Honey Package Design

Mohsen Koofiani

Shiraz, Fars Province, Iran

The design idea is inspired by nature. The design is a combination of different materials for a better understanding of the product with high durability and can be up to 80% environmentally friendly. This plan is a concept that has been concluded due to a lot of research and study and it is not impossible to achieve it. One of the important features of this plan is the interaction of the package design with the specific product inside it and the use of the product’s outer packaging to create a suitable platform for flower work to promote the protection of the environment and the protection of honey bees.

The packaging consists of different components and the design of the package is considered quite simple to show the nature and materials used in the packaging. This is a different packaging and presentation of honey that shows the real and natural nature of honey in small dimensions. Forest honey using wood material as a symbol of forest trees and mountain honey using light cement as a symbol of mountain stones introduce themselves.

The general packaging form is a symbol of a beehive, which consists of two parts, and the base part is used as a practical tool to make a vase. The internal packaging that presents the honey consists of a wooden or cement arch to which the honey jar is attached like a beehive that hangs on a tree or rock. This is the main idea.

A honey jar and honey spoon are placed next to the package. The honey jar can be separated from the base to be washed and refilled with honey.

The main goal has been to present a different packaging of honey to remind the natural process of honey production and support the environment and bees.

Curator’s Insight

The design, with its use of materials and the beehive symbolism, captures the authentic and natural essence of honey. It’s a departure from the usual honey packaging that often relies on clichéd images of bees and flowers.


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