StarSharing Red Bean Coix Seed Pill

LionPeng Design Studio


This is a prebiotic red bean barley seed pill produced by Shizong in Yunnan, China, which belongs to the packaging design of rural revitalization. The background story tells the story of Shizong County, which is the main production area for the cultivation of black shell and small grain variety of Job’s tears in China, with a planting history of over a thousand years. As a traditional main production area for the black shell and small grain variety of Job’s tears, it has a long history of cultivation, processing, and sales.

The design is divided into online and offline versions, with bright red and white contrasting colors as the base online, which is conducive to capturing live streaming and e-commerce channels by consumers.

The first impression is to attract consumers, combining real red beans and barley seeds, highlighting the emotional value of the “high-quality barley seeds” of prebiotic red bean barley seeds pills. The next step is how to break through the psychological level and generate an order demand, with its red rice shape further highlighting its identity, visually generating a psychological hint of “product formula”. Design a tearable seal on the packaging structure for easy opening and storage.


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