Yuri Kozhukhov’s private honey apiary is a place where you can enjoy the taste of natural honey and get useful tips on its use. The small scale of production makes the product rare and expensive, thanks to manual collection and close monitoring of the health of each bee family, Yuri controls the quality of honey.

While working with him, we decided to focus on the human brand, and not on honey. He became the guarantor of perfection and love for his work – as a result, the label is called YUK – Yuri Kozhukhov and is also associated with the word SOUTH – sun, warmth. By the way, in everyday life people say the sound “K” by ear: YUK (we are going to yuk, the compass points to yuk).

The apiary is located in an ecologically clean area, away from industrial zones. Yuri has been engaged in beekeeping for many years, and his apiary is known for its quality of honey. At the apiary, you can buy various types of honey: flower, lime, buckwheat, acacia and others. Each type of honey has its own unique taste and aroma, as well as many beneficial properties for health.

In addition, Yuri conducts master classes and consultations at the apiary for those who want to learn more about beekeeping and honey. He shares his knowledge and experience, and talks about how to choose the right honey and how to use it for the treatment and prevention of various diseases.

P.S. When creating a label for honey, not a single bee was harmed.


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