LionPeng Design Studio


Fuding White Tea, everything is simple. The overall design tone is heavily left blank, providing an artistic conception for achieving harmony between humans and nature. This is also the spirit of Chinese tea culture. Tea should be natural and organic, and life should be calm and tranquil, with an open mind like a valley.

The visual center is the small monk who meditates for self-cultivation and self-cultivation, Using modern and concise visual language to reflect the concept of “dialogue through dialogue” The brand concept of wisdom and the pursuit of a refined and refined Eastern charm. The edge of the gift box is connected from the beginning to the end, symbolizing continuous prosperity and longevity. The Yin Yang fish pattern in the center symbolizes perfect harmony and good luck in all things.

The overall design has a simple and elegant temperament, with a calm and calm, relaxed and unrestrained indifference, always maintaining a joyful realm of being independent from the world.


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