Tmall UXian gift box



In terms of illustration design, according to the illustration design requirements, the flat daily style, Tmall has obvious outlines, close primary and secondary relationships, and smooth vision. The creation is based on Tmall’s visual symbols. The picture adopts fresh and bright colors and delicate brushstrokes. According to the different products in each theme track, the main elements of creation are characters and animals with different images, surrounded or opened in different ways to show the product attributes of each gift box.

In terms of form, the overall layout and concise lines give the entire packaging design a strong visual impact. Through illustrations centered on Tmall’s visual symbols, consumers can clearly identify the brand image.

The color design of the entire series is bright but not dazzling, catering to the aesthetic concepts of current consumers.

In addition, the packaging also uses a variety of techniques to make the design more textured and three-dimensional. First, the product name and brand logo text are printed on the surface of the packaging to make it more prominent and eye-catching. Secondly, around the visual symbols of Tmall Vision, the graphic part of the text is indented, which enriches the picture and improves the picture quality. In addition, the graphic part of the illustration uses convex surface technology to make the illustration more three-dimensional and vivid. The use of these processes makes the entire packaging design more textured and quality.