Branding and packaging design for Caffelle 

We received this interesting and expensive design after a long search, we studied the market for a long time, understanding the position and targeting of the given brand. Caffelle stands out from its competitors with its rich design, the velvet boxes covered with a layer of gold make it desirable and attractive. We also tried to use color nice solutions for 4 different boxes, they are aluminum capsule coffees of different strength.

The invention of the coffee capsule has revolutionized coffee drinking, fuelling the increasing popularity of one of the most distinctive beverages available – the small but strong black coffee known as the espresso. Coffee is brewed in many ways, but the espresso is fast becoming the connoisseur’s cup of choice. An espresso coffee is brewed under great pressure by forcing hot water through finely ground beans in less than 25 seconds. The result is a concentrated shot of coffee crowned with its hallmark, delicate, chocolate-brown froth known as a crema. In June 2010, Eric Favre, a prolific and pioneering inventor in the field of portioned coffee, shared his insights and experiences as an inventor and entrepreneur with participants at a seminar organized in the context of WIPO’s first Open Day. This article draws on his comments to trace the development of the technology that has transformed the coffee-drinking experience for millions.


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