Pahazzo Dried Fruits


While creating this beautiful packaging design, we were inspired by a real life character. Our packaging is for delicious dry fruits. Since these dry fruits are prepared in a traditional way and have many useful properties, we set ourselves a challenge to come up with a design that will win the hearts of many. , will shine with its aesthetic appearance and definitely stand out from its competitors. That’s why we decided to combine white with bright colors corresponding to fruits. All this together gave a very bright expression and at the same time a calm look to our design. It’s no secret that natural dried fruits stand out for their useful properties, and have a positive effect on human health, as well as help maintain a fresh and youthful appearance. Dried fruits have long been an indispensable part of our food, a favorite sweet. These dehydrated fruits prepared by special technologies are widely used in food both as a wonderful alternative and as a separate dish.

Humanity owes women, who in ancient times collected berries, fruits, and other forest goods, dried them and kept them for further use, for the creation of dry fruits. Thanks to dried fruits, people get vitamins and minerals through food all year round.

Nuts are dried fruits or berries with 20% residual moisture. They are dried naturally (under the sun) or industrially (with the help of a dehydrator or special dryers).

Cherries provide summer energy all year round

Nuts are a storehouse of useful substances necessary for humans, and each type of fruit has its own characteristics.

The energy value of dry matter is: proteins: 2.8 g, fats: 0 g, carbohydrates: 51.3 g. Caloric content is high compared to fresh fruit, as 100 g of fresh fruit yields approximately 20-40 g of dry fruit.

The utility of dry matter

Dried fruits contain approximately 3.5 times more cells, minerals, carotene, group B vitamins than fresh fruits. All of them are very important for the normal functioning of the heart, nervous system and muscles. Almost all fruits contain iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus and other minerals. Calcium contained in dried fruits strengthens hair, nails and bones. Magnesium and potassium are useful for the cardiovascular and nervous system. Iron improves hematopoietic processes.

The usefulness of dried fruits is also determined by the vitamins present in them, the density of which increases during drying (except for vitamin C). Vitamins of group B, antioxidants, especially polyphenols, present in dried fruits are the most useful.

Nuts have a positive effect on the digestive system. clean the intestines, fight against constipation and high acidity of the stomach, coating the walls of the stomach with a protective layer. Nuts stimulate not only digestion, but also metabolism.

Nuts regulate the work of the brain, help get rid of metabolic products, reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol, promote recovery after surgery or illness, calm the nerves, etc.

Natural chemical compounds, antioxidants, protect the body from cardiovascular diseases and increase immunity.

Our hero girl is taken from real life, she is a girl who every morning goes to the store on her bicycle to buy vegetables, and her path passes under the window of our studio, every morning she attracts our attention. When we received this design order, there was no doubt that we are going to use his image because he was very impressive. After getting his consent we started the sketching phase and got his image, then placing it on the packaging box, we came up with the idea that we could draw fruit slices instead of bicycle wheels, so we got a more creative result, this product was loved by everyone and immediately captured the market.

We hope you liked it too.

Thank you.