Fayruz Arabian arrak


Fairuz… this beautiful name is associated with a no less beautiful color, this color is similar to the waters of the turquoise seas washing the Arabian coasts, similar to the blue of the eyes of beautiful women, which is expressively seen in our design.

Inspired by the ancient culture of the Arab world and the centuries-old traditions they created. This packaging is for Arab Arak. As it is considered a strong alohol drink and was created in the Arab world, we tried to present a strong and beautiful Arab woman. It makes the bottle design more impressive. , and is significantly different next to competitors. It is quite attractive, focuses the buyer on the product, and no man passes by this beautiful design indifferently.

In our opinion, it turned out to be quite mystical, impressive and magical, and all these features will only work in favor of our product.

There are many legends about this Arabic drink, we will present about it below.


Araki with water and ice. The effect of anise liqueur is clearly visible

Araki with water and ice. The effect of anise liqueur is clearly visible

Strength 40

Origin Lebanon, Iran, Morocco, Iraq, Syria and Jordan



anise seeds[vd]

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Arak (from Arabic ﻋﺮﻕ‎ – “sweat”) is an anise-flavored strong alcoholic drink, common in the Middle East and previously in Central Asia. Depending on the country and region, it varies in strength, raw materials and manufacturing procedure.

Arak is a distillation product, so its production requires certain technical knowledge and special equipment. The starting raw materials can be very different: milk (both mare’s and cow’s), rice, grapes, dates, palm juice, etc. Anise seed essential oil gives a mixture of arrack with water (or ice) a characteristic milky color.