Fontecalada, a Single Vineyard Limited Edition Red Wine


Fontecalada is the toponym of a limited-edition, single-vineyard red wine made by artisanal winemaker Olga Verde on a historic plot. There the Mencia grape grows in soil rich in limestone, thus creating a wine deeply rooted in this mineral terroir.

A calcareous soil is also portrayed in each bottle through an intentional crack in the label, transmitting the unique character of the wine. This tactile experience reflects the author’s meticulous and evocative craft. Additionally, a special paper wrapper with a scannable code links to a Spotify playlist, curated by the winemaker. Fusing taste, touch and sound makes Fontecalada a sensory journey into her personal wine universe.

Curator’s Insight

The intentional label crack, mirroring the limestone-rich soil, is a tactile stroke of brilliance, bridging the sensory gap between terroir and touch.