Yasno Solnyshko Muesli


The Yasno Solnyshko brand has existed since 1998 and is represented in several categories of breakfast cereals.

The range of products under the Yasno Solnyshko brand includes such categories as oat flakes, multi-grain flakes, oat flakes with fruit, instant oat porridge, side-dish buckwheat porridge and muesli.


To create a design for a line of muesli under the Yasno Solnyshko brand for the St. Petersburg Mill Plant company.


We developed a design for a line of cereals and porridges for the Yasno Solnyshko brand, and this time we needed to adapt the developed design architecture to a line of muesli. Muesli and granola are a breakfast category that is gaining momentum and occupying more and more space in the consumer behavior of Russians. Muesli has become a common breakfast with which many families start the day.

When developing the design, we analyzed shelves and competitors.. It was important for us to demonstrate taste, as this is an important component in the food category. We took as a basis the technique of macro images of ingredients to attract the attention of the buyer on the shelf. The most appetizing food zones, a large logo, detailed design of each berry, laconic design, bright background colors to suit every taste – everything works to ensure that the packaging attracts maximum attention on the shelf and the buyer does not have any questions after studying it. Each flavor has its own label describing key properties: with pieces of dark chocolate, whole grain, with pieces of natural fruits and berries.

The new line fits perfectly into our previously created lines of cereals under the Yasno Solnyshko brand. Adaptation to this category was the completion of a lot of work on rebranding “Yasno Solnyshko”. The result is a noticeable brand on the shelf – more modern, “tastier” and meeting the needs of the target audience.


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