The Dobrynya-Dar company (founded in 1996) is a dynamically developing company that produces and imports tea and coffee in the CIS.

The Dobrynya-Dar company produces products of the following brands: coffee “Maximus”, “Strong”, “Indiana Gold”, black tea from the “London Tea Club” collection, green tea “Good Morning”, a series of Ceylon, green, flower and long tea in brand “Dobrynya Nikitich”, fruit tea “Frutos Ceylon”. The entire technological production cycle is designed in such a way that the consumer receives a high-quality product that meets high requirements at the best price.


It is necessary to develop a design for a new SKU Exclusive in the Maximus brand.

The main objective of this design is to help the brand become a strong and worthy player in the market and expand its distribution geography.


On the “Growth Platforms” the key positioning territories are the territories of “Pleasure”, “Energy and Freedom” and “Individuality”. According to VTGG segmentation, the target audience for the brand is “Hedonists”, “Independents” and “Ambitious”.

The packaging is dominated by dark blue color to emphasize the exclusivity of the product. The Maximus logo is located at the top of the packaging in a brown block, and half of the packaging is given over to an appetizing food area with an invigorating cup of coffee.

The large Exclusive inscription in Latin helps the buyer to quickly understand the positioning of the product.

The contrast of dark blue and gold creates a feeling of sobriety and elegance.

A large inscription Exclusive, a food zone, which has a compositional center in the form of a cup of coffee – all this creates a certain rhythm, looks impressive, noticeable, and contrasting on the shelf.

The design was developed within the Startup tariff.